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Over the past decade I have worked with national and international retailers to integrate more sustainable practices into store design & operations.  I did so under the banner of Ecoxeraa retail-focused sustainability firm that I founded in Austin, TX in 2008 and as the Technical Director of LEED Retail New Construction and LEED Retail Commercial Interiors green building programs at the U.S. Green Building Council in Washington, DC.

During this time, I came to realize that a prosperous and more sustainable future will not happen by helping large archaic corporations change the way they do business.  I believe we have to start small, rebuilding with ecological consciousness from the ground up.

Supply & Labor is about bringing my time in sustainability and my curiosity for building – to the local level.  A time to get engaged and explore building and gardening techniques that allow people to thrive, live healthy and respect the local ecology.   That is where you will find me now.   

From Austin, TX back to my home state, West Virginia, I look forward to sharing what I’ve picked up along the way and learning a bunch more.



I believe that building a dwelling should be an inalienable right and attainable for everyone. Over the past several years, I have personally made this ideal come true. With the help of friends and community, and without prior building experience, I’ve built a humble home of my own with earthen materials, proven and experimental processes, and learned technique.

I believe that if a low income earning musician like me can create a home without incurring debt or a mortgage, that anyone can. It just takes one to bypass the current housing pyramid scheme and be willing to to put in time and labor instead. My own experience has motivated me to champion small footprint off-grid living and that is why I am honored and excited to be a part of Supply & Labor.