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UNDERSTORY | Thomas, West Virginia.

Supply & Labor’s first project in Thomas will be Understory, a Tiny Home Inn showcasing earth built dwellings tucked into a wooded hillside.  Each unit will be carefully intertwined with forest-integrated common areas, footpaths and gardens. More about Understory here.


THE HOFFMAN BUILDING| Thomas, West Virginia.

The Hoffman Drug Store building is a three story mixed-use building on Front Street in Thomas, WV.  Built in 1895, this commercial building once housed Dr. O.H. Hoffman’s pharmacy and birthing center.  Over time, this building also contained the Masonic Lodge, Jack Evans’ beauty shop and Curry’s Drugstore.

Abandoned for decades, this building is coming back to life.  Today, the street level commercial space is currently being remodeled to house Front Street Grocers, a go-to for fresh and wholesome groceries and prepared foods on Thomas’ main walking strip.  

The dilapidated second and third floors will be reorganized and remodeled by Supply & Labor to create (4) spaces to house people and/or their studio work.  Coops are the future and we plan to use this project as a exploration for housing/small business cooperatives in Thomas. Our blog will provide occasional updates about this process, as well as articles on the influence cooperatives are having in real estate today.



Who said small, can’t be big? What made the rebirth of this 480 sqft cottage on a small lot in the North Hyde Park/North Loop neighborhood special is not just the house design, but the extensive vegetable gardens. Affordability resulted through lot sharing with a neighbor and the establishment of a cooperative condo effort.  From a boring lawn with water thirsty grass to over 1500 sqft of vegetable guilds tucked around 23 fruit trees, a flock of 10 hens, and two rabbits, this micro city lot conversion became a beautiful urban homestead through the resourcefulness of using salvaged lumber and craigslist finds.