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Supply & Labor is a design-build shop with a focus on small footprint spaces and gardens using earth-built and repurposed materials.

In 2015 Supply & Labor will begin two projects in Thomas, West Virginia.

Our flagship project, Understory, is what we playfully describe as a Tiny Home Inn™. It will serve as our learning lab, blending earth-built homes and food-producing gardens in a wooded setting.

The second project will be the development of housing & studio spaces within the old Hoffman Drugstore Building on Front Street – called The Hoffman House.  Here, Supply & Labor will pilot the process for a housing/studio cooperative model in Thomas — where the old model of single owner and tenant(s) is tossed to the curb, and smaller, more affordable spaces are carved out and offered to committed Thomas residents for ownership.

Once our feet are wet and the initial projects are up and running, we hope to expand our partnerships and work within the community to create local housing, small businesses and beautiful food-producing spaces.

Supply & Labor is not for hire.  All projects are owner-built or partnership collaborations.  We are happy to share ideas and volunteer time within our communities.

Project/process examples.